The Peacenet

The Peacenet is a free and open-source hacking game written in Unreal Engine 4 with a Linux-y aesthetic. Set in the year 2031, your mission is to enter The Peacenet as a government agent posing as a sentient AI to investigate the origin of a malware that’s spreading around the entire network from person to person. Your job? Don’t get caught.

Use real-world tools.

You’ll be given a virtual machine running Peacegate OS to use throughout your mission. This VM will come with various real-world tools such as grep, bash, other Linux tools and the Gigasploit Framework Console which you can use to hack, explore, investigate and navigate The Peacenet.

Become an undercover agent.

You work for the National Centre of Cyber Intelligence (NCCI) as an undercover government agent on a mission to find the origin of the Peacenet Malware and who’s responsible for it.

Your job is to carry out your mission with as much stealth and subtlety as you can.

Think and act like a real hacker.

You’ll be hacking a lot. You’ll have to think like a real hacker, exploiting the right vulnerabilities, deploying the right payloads, making sure you don’t leave tracks behind, evading security defenses, and more.

Completely free and open-source.

The Peacenet is completely free and open-source on GitHub. It’s even free of charge.

This means you have full access to the game’s source code and content. You can mod the game, use bits of it in your own game/program, contribute to development, and so much more.



Shift It Your Way.

Using the Personalize program, you can customize the look and feel of Peacegate OS.

  • Change your window border, desktop panel and user color.
  • Change your desktop background.
  • Find new wallpapers on hacked systems.
  • Change your window theme.
  • Import window themes from ShiftOS skins.
  • Find new window themes on hacked systems.

Extensive in-game manual

If you’re ever stuck and need help, you can see information about every gameplay element in the game using the in-game manual.