A Realistic Stealth Hacking Game

Blending together the puzzle and challenges of computer hacking with the thrill of keeping your cover.

Peacegate OS

Peacegate OS is your gateway into the world of The Peacenet – complete with a realistic Linux shell environment, text mode, graphical user interface, and many programs and commands to help you complete your mission, The Peacenet offers many unique play styles.

Realistic Terminal Experience

Hackers need their terminals – so we’ve worked to create a true-to-life in-game terminal based on the Suckless Simple Terminal, complete with full VT-100 compatibility and a command interpreter similar to the Bourne shell (sh).

Intuitive Window Manager

To compliment our realistic Terminal is a very intuitive window manager and GUI based off the layout of XFCE4 and the ShiftOS 1.0 desktop.  Simple, flexible, and usable.

Stealth-based gameplay

As with real life, a hack is only truly successful when undetected.  So we’ve added this aspect through a Cover and Alert system.

Realistic puzzle

Our hacking gameplay mechanics are based on real-life hacking/pen-testing tools.  With an in-game OS that simulates Linux, you’ll need to think just like a real-life hacker.


You’re the good guy in The Peacenet – with the goal of saving the in-game world from a major malware outbreak that’s spreading from person to person.


See what The Peacenet and Peacegate OS look like.

Free to play, free and open-source on GitHub.

The Peacenet is both free to play and completely open-source. This means you can use and contribute to the game in almost any way you’d like.