The Peacenet

The Peacenet is a hacking game set in a futuristic digital after-life. This world is undergoing global cyber warfare, and your mission is to enter the world as a deep-cover government agent on an op to restore the world's peace using only a Linux-based operating system and hacking tools.


Peacenet, at its core, is a hacking game. It borrows some inspiration from Hacknet, while also trying to be more realistic. It incorporates actual Unix/Linux features and conventions, such as environment variables, bash, process lists, the filesystem, and more, into the gameplay by using these features to create an element of stealth and strategy as you hack.

While the game will try to portray the Hollywood hacker experience where possible, this is not just a "press hack and win" kind of game. There are actual consequences for doing a sloppy job, and you will have to take advantage of the in-game operating system and its various programs and services if you want to carry out an effective hack operation.

You'll need to be strategic with who you hack and how. You'll have to be mindful of what kind of trail you leave behind as you hack. The goal of the game is to carry out your mission without being noticed or spotted. It's this challenge which we think sets the game apart from other games in the genre, since being sloppy has actual consequence.

Who does this game appeal to?

This game appeals to people who

This game will not hold your hand all the time, and the hacking experience won't always be easy, however you're not completely alone. There will be in-game tutorials on how to play, and if you need extra help, there's an indepth manual available through the man command.


The Peacenet has an ambient, stealthy soundtrack by Avery Alexander. Some tracks by Anders Enger Jensen and Peter Katz are also featured during some moments in the game.

If you enjoy the soundtrack, please consider supporting the artists by purchasing their music. A full list of the game's soundtrack can be found on the wiki.

Art style

Peacenet tries to create a Hollywood hacker aesthetic, both audibly and visually. The UI is loosely based off the XFCE4 desktop environment, but with a dark hacker color scheme applied. The game will also play various ambient tracks as you play that give the feeling of stealth and try to help you concentrate on what you're doing.

The visual artwork and UI is designed by Philip Adams, Ian Clary, Logan Lowe and Michael VanOverbeek.


No binary releases of The Peacenet, that are actually playable, currently exist.

Source code

The Peacenet is free software. You are permitted to use, modify, extend, copy and redistribute the game's source code, subject to the terms of the MIT License.

You can access the source code on GitHub.