Look to your right...

See that image over there? That's a GitHub organization. Who's GitHub organization is that? It's ours. What's on it? The source code of everything we've made that we use. Why? Because we want you to see it. We want you to use it, to modify it, to adapt it to any of your own projects, or whatever you desire. Go ahead. It's right there!

Peace Engine

Peace Engine is our signature open-source modular game engine. It is written in .NET Core 3 on-top of MonoGame. Peace Engine is specifically designed for our stealth hacking game, The Peacenet. More information coming soon.

Welcome to The Peacenet.

The Peacenet is our open-source stealth hacking game where you use the Peacegate OS, an Ubuntu-based distribution, to enter a dystopian digital society as an undercover government operative. You're on a mission to find the origin of, and put an end to, a piece of mind-altering malware that's spreading throughout the members of this world.

Disclaimer: The above screenshot is old and does not represent the work-in-progress Peace Engine port.

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