Contact us

Our team is very small, but it's very easy to get a hold of us if you're willing to be a little patient. We won't make you fill out some sort of contact form and hope it actually sends or anything like that. Quite frankly, we're game devs. We don't want to program that.

Get in touch

There are three main ways you can get a hold of us.


If you prefer to email us, you can email us at [email protected]. This is the quickest way to reach us, everyone on the team can see the message and respond. We'll try to respond in under 24 hours.


If you're on the Discord, that's another nice way to get a hold of us. There's almost always at least one team member online, however, this is a hobby project at the moment and some of us still have school to deal with on the weekends. You may not get an immediate response.


Over on the forum, you can shoot any of us a private message. If you prefer a chat, click the bullhorn on the lower left and shoot one of us a DM. We'll try to respond as soon as possible.

Please, don't spam.

Please do not send us spam. It will get deleted. This includes:

Also, please don't send us an email with anything you wouldn't want the entire team to know about. This includes private keys, passwords, banking info, etc. Anything that you send us through email can be read by everyone on the team, and while we won't use that information anyway, it is generally wise not to send this information through email to anyone. If any of us is asking for that information, you are being phished by someone pretending to be us.