Though our community is relatively small, there are still a few ways you can join it.


Discord is the best way to interact with the community and the development team.

  • Channels for general discussion
  • Channelss for discussion about The Peacenet.
  • Groovy music bot.
  • Victor Tran
  • Voice chat for livestreams
  • Channels for community updates and new Peacenet builds
  • …And more.

Official Subreddit

Are you a redditor? Well, for the first time ever, we have an official Subreddit where new updates are posted, as well as screenshots and videos of The Peacenet‘s development, and more. Threads on the Subreddit are even automaticallyy posted to the Discord!

Come here if you…

  • Miss our old forum.
  • Want to see the development of The Peacenet.
  • Want to request a feature or report a bug.
  • Actually it doesn’t matter – you should come anyway. 🙂

(or click the reddit icon at the top)

Get involved with development

As we’re a small team that doesn’t get paid for our work, a really great way to get involved with the community is to get involved with the team itself. No matter your skill, there’s always a way you can help!