Some updates on Peace Engine…

Hey guys! I think it’s time to update you guys on the status of the Peace Engine. I’ve got a little bit of good news to share so let’s get right into it. Language? Framework? I said before that I wanted to go with SDL2 and C++ as the language and framework for Peace Engine. […]

Proposal to Rewrite the Peace Engine

Hey there everyone – Michael here. School’s back in effect for me, and I imagine it’s the same for a lot of you as well. Or maybe you’re Australian and it’s about to end. In either case, what a wonderful time for my programmer brain to decide it wants to start a new project! I’d […]

Implementing a Backgroundd Blur in MonoGame

Hey guys. Got another update on my MonoGame endeavors today. I want to talk about how I wrote a background blur control in The Peacenet in under three hours last night. Backstory It all started yesterday morning when I was in the Discord server talking with AShifter and a few others about operating systems, desktop […]

Why do I hate Python?

If you know me well, you know very well that I can’t stand Python as a programming language. If you don’t know me well, then make sure it’s no secret anymore that, as both a student and a skilled programmer, I can’t stand Python. But why? There are many reasons why I hate Python ranging […]

Where did the forums go?

Hey guys. Michael here. I think I have a question to answer for you guy – where the hell’d the forum go? It disappeared in mere seconds as if by magic – like it was never even there. Why? Let’s look at some analytics. I don’t typically share analytics about this website but I do […]

Our Next Game: ShiftOS 2

So tonight (or last night, depending on when you read this) was quite the surprise for me. I was chatting in bits & bytes as I usually do when I saw myself get pinged in the Off Topic channel. I didn’t know who pinged me but the message popped up and said “You have a […]