What The Heck Just Happened…to The Peacenet?

The Peacenet’s been going on a huge rollercoaster the past few weeks and it’s been kind of a mess. In the screenshot above you can see a blank MonoGame window that indicates that it is The Peacenet. So what the heck just happened? Long story short… …We’re rewriting, again. I’d mentioned before that we were […]

Peacenet 0.3.0: The Biggest Alpha Update Yet.

So… the rocky times of The Peacenet’s development are over, and things are back to normal. Progress is being made on the game and I want to talk about some of the bigger features we’re implementing in The Peacenet 0.3.0, the next major alpha release of the game. First of all, we’re back on UE4. […]

The Peacenet v0.1.1-i Patch Update

So yesterday we released a patch for The Peacenet, v0.1.1-i. So what’s new? Localized Main Menu Part of these patch updates are to slowly, but surely, localize the entire game. While you can’t currently play the game in any other language but English (there are no existing translations yet), we’re working on making the game […]