Where did the forums go?

Hey guys. Michael here. I think I have a question to answer for you guy – where the hell’d the forum go? It disappeared in mere seconds as if by magic – like it was never even there. Why? Let’s look at some analytics. I don’t typically share analytics about this website but I do […]

Our Next Game: ShiftOS 2

So tonight (or last night, depending on when you read this) was quite the surprise for me. I was chatting in bits & bytes as I usually do when I saw myself get pinged in the Off Topic channel. I didn’t know who pinged me but the message popped up and said “You have a […]

March 2019 Website Maintence

Hey guys. Michael here. Today, I started doing a massive amount of maintenance to the Bit Phoenix website. I’ve set up a few features you guys might find really cool, and I guess this article is going to test one of them. So what’s changed? There are quite a few things that have changed today […]