The Peacenet v0.1.1-i Patch Update

So yesterday we released a patch for The Peacenet, v0.1.1-i. So what’s new?

Localized Main Menu

Part of these patch updates are to slowly, but surely, localize the entire game. While you can’t currently play the game in any other language but English (there are no existing translations yet), we’re working on making the game localizable meaning that, in future, translations can easily be made.

This patch makes the main menu localizable.

Fixed the Manual GUI.

The Manual GUI had an issue where it wasn’t displaying additional metadata for items in the game. For example, the Syntax field of Terminal Commands. This is because the user interface widget for these metadata blocks was destroyed by our UI rework. This has been fixed.

Gigasploit Fixes

Gigasploit has been moved to our new Shell system. This means that:

  • Entering an invalid command now results in an error.
  • Parsing code is now united with the rest of the game – if you find a bug, it exists everywhere in the game and thus only needs to be fixed once.
  • It is far easier to add new commands to Gigasploit.

And that’s basically about it!

Not many changes, but these patch updates make the game more stable – one, two, or three fixes at a time.

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