Where did the forums go?

Hey guys. Michael here. I think I have a question to answer for you guy – where the hell’d the forum go? It disappeared in mere seconds as if by magic – like it was never even there. Why?

Let’s look at some analytics.

I don’t typically share analytics about this website but I do look at them. Our forum software, Discourse, has a ton of metrics and analytics you can look at in the admin panel that show apparent community health.

This includes pageviews, DAU/MAU rating, community engagemet, etc.


Pageviews are exactly what they sound like – it’s a measurement of how many people view the site each day. Discourse shows you anonymous (people who aren’t logged in), logged-in, and crawler (search engines, etc) views.

The highest amount of views come from crawlers, followed by anonymous users, and then logged-in users – of which primarily consist of me and other staff members.


DAU/MAU means “Daily Active Users divided by Monthly Active Users.” By taking the amount of daily logged-in users and dividing it by the amount of monthly active users, you get a percentage of “community stickiness.”

Community stickiness is essentially a measurement of “how much of the community actually comes back for more.” Discourse recommends you aim for 30%, our stickiness rating is 28%. Not bad…

Community engagement

The DAU/MAU score tells you how much of the community actively visits the forum. The Community Engagement score tells you how much of the community engages with it. This includes liking posts, creating new topics, replying, etc. 2% of the community does these things.

Moreover, the “New Contributions” score is 0%, meaning that none of the above engagement actually provides new content or contributes to the discussion on the forum.

What does this mean?

It means you guys are essentially checking the forum for new content, seeing nothing, and moving on. This is caused by a lack of new posts, and also causes a lack of new posts. So it’s a chicken-egg situation.

This would suggest that the forum is in a comatose state. And we’ve noticed that the Discord server sees more daily activity than the forum, and sees more new contributions.

Based on this, it can be logically assumed that you guys prefer the Discord over the forum – and some of you guys have voiced that over the past few days.

So it’s shutting down.

As of today, we’ve decided to shut down the Bit Phoenix forum. Community announcements will still be posted on this site, Peacenet bugs/feature requests can be posted on the GitHub, and general community discussion will remain on the Discord server. The Wiki will remain open, however, for documentation on how to develop The Peacenet as well as things like community rules.

We’re considering starting a subreddit in the near future to replace the forum, for those of you who do not prefer Discord. We may also start an IRC server which will integrate with the Discord server – but this is all far-future.

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