Welcome to The Peacenet.

Become a deep cover government cyber-security agent and enter the dystopian digital world of Peacenet.
Enter Deep Cover


Hey there – and welcome to the Bit Phoenix Software website! Here we post developer blogs for our game The Peacenet as well as other projects we work on.

Bit Phoenix Software is a small hobbyist game development team that rose up from the ashes of the ShiftOS and AstralPhaser community.


All the things we’re working on.

The Peacenet

The Peacenet is an open-source stealth hacking game written in MonoGame. Become a deep-cover government agent, discover and hack your way through the digital world of Peacenet.

Project: Cassian

Project: Cassian is an open-source collaborative game design and project management tool.


Come join our community and hang out! Everyone is welcomed.


Join our Discord server for an easy way to chat with the community and our team.

There are general chats, as well as chats for The Peacenet and our other projects, livestream voice chats, and more.

Official Subreddit

Are you a redditor? Well, perhaps you’d enjoy the official Bit Phoenix Software Subreddit.

The Subreddit is a great place to post feature requests for Peacenet/Cassian, ask questions, and more.