Bit Phoenix Software

Welcome to the official Bit Phoenix Software website. We are a small independent game development team that rose up from the ashes of a previous development team.

Our origin

We originally started as the ShiftOS development team back in 2014. Back then, we were lead by someone else and we were simply the ShiftOS community picking up where Philip Adams left off on a game called ShiftOS.

And now we're our own thing - as of August 2017. For more in-depth history on our team and our origin, see the wiki!

What do we work on?

We work on all sorts of types of games but the current one we're working on (and our first game ever) is The Peacenet. It is the spiritual successor to ShiftOS with completely different gameplay. Check it out!

We also have plans to work on Histacom: Reloaded, the code-name for a rewrite of Philip Adams' first game, Histacom. Be on the lookout for that.

Join the community

Our community is very small right now, but why not join it? We have a pretty nice forum set up where you can:

We also have a semi-active Discord server. You can also follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates from the community and our team.