Bit Phoenix Software

The gamedev team that rose up from the ashes of its predecessor.


Bit Phoenix Software is a small indie game development team that rose up from the ashes of its predecessor, the ShiftOS community.

Our main projects

Everything we do is open-source. This website, our games, any utilities we write, all of it is open-source. Here's some of what we do:

Enter a dystopian digital society as an undercover government operative using the Peacegate Operating System. You're on a mission to find the origin of, and hopefully stop, the spreading of a piece of mind-altering malware and to find a lost friend buried deep in the system before the malware takes over.

Built to run The Peacenet, Peace Engine is our work-in-progress .NET Core 3.0 game engine, built with a modern UI system and modular architecture.

Our philosophy

Most gamedev teams charge money for their games, the reasoning is obvious. You have to keep the lights on somehow. However, we've decided to do our best to avoid charging you an arm and a leg to keep us alive. This requires the usage of a lot of free and open-source services, so we've decided to pay back the open-source community by making our own products and services completely free and open-source. We will never make you pay to use our software and we'll never introduce ads into our UI. We don't believe in microtransactions either. You can choose to pay us if you feel we deserve it, but we'll never force you to.

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